February 5th, 2015

M2 Media Group Gains Certification...

M2 Sponsored Subscription Acquisition Platform Verified as Trusted Source

Stamford, Conn., February 5, 2015 — Media Group, LLC, today became the first magazine subscription agency to gain certification of its sponsored subscription platform and fulfillment system with ImServices, an Alliance for Audited Media company.

Through demographic targeting and interest-based relevancy, M2 generates millions of subscriptions annually for publishers in both print and digital format. “AAM is the undeniable leader in subscription auditing, and this certification is good for the industry and valuable to our publisher clients,” said Michael Borchetta, CEO of M2. AAM delivers media assurance via its media audit verification and information services, providing solutions that empower media professionals to transact with greater trust and confidence.

The AAM examination was conducted in accordance with generally accepted auditing and attestation standards, and included (1) obtaining an understanding of M2’s controls over operations related to the assertions, (2) testing and evaluating the design and operating effectiveness of the internal controls, and (3) performing such other necessary procedures. The engagement concluded that M2 Media Group complies with AAM’s bylaws and rules in regards to sponsored subscriptions.

About the Alliance for Audited Media
The Alliance for Audited Media is a non-profit industry body founded by the Association of National Advertisers to ensure media transparency and trust. AAM provides essential cross-media verification and information services for North America’s leading media companies, advertisers and ad agencies. In 2014, AAM merged with ImServices Group, one of the world’s most experienced providers of technology certification audits to industry standards established by the Interactive Advertising Bureau, Media Rating Council and Mobile Marketing Association. Visit AAM’s website to learn more.

About M2 Media Group
Founded in 2004, M2 Media Group (m2mediagroup.com) is one of the premier subscription agencies in the magazine publishing industry enabling online retailers to sell magazine subscriptions and loyalty programs to reward members. The company offers over 1,000 magazine titles through its direct-to-publisher supply network and fulfills millions of subscriptions annually. M2’s Business Media group provides lead generation services to various verticals through its TechPapers® Network and Mercury Magazines, one of the largest online distributors of trade publications to business professionals.