February 28, 2005

M2 Media Group Launches Magazine Subscription Program with Expedia.com

Expedia.com Customers will be Offered Magazine Subscriptions Included with their Bookings as a Benefit

Stamford, CT, February 28, 2005 - M2 Media Group, a leading magazine subscription agency, announced a marketing relationship with Expedia.com® that will provide magazine subscriptions to customers of the world’s largest online travel service. Under the arrangement, known as a “partnership subscription program,” Expedia® will offer magazine subscriptions to its customers, included with their travel bookings as a benefit.

“This unique program is unprecedented in terms of its scale and circulation quality. Until now, partnership programs tended to be low volume opportunities at either niche-oriented or mostly unknown sources,” said Michael Borchetta, CEO of M2. “Our philosophy from day one was to create quality circulation programs with meaningful metrics. There’s a real need for this at an industry level, and this agreement with Expedia fits nicely within our strategy.”

“Travel and magazines are a perfect fit. This is a great way to extend additional value through our service,” said Jamie McDonald, vice president of destination services at Expedia, Inc. “Our customers have diverse interests, such as travel, entertainment, business, and will value the breadth of the titles that are being offered as part of their travel purchase.”

Through this program, publishers will gain access to an attractive audience of Expedia customers who are typically well-educated, lead active lifestyles, and have higher than average discretionary incomes. “These attributes translate into quality subscribers and highly involved magazine readers,” said Michael Frank, President of M2. “It’s a win-win all around. As publishers seek greater efficiency in their circulation budgeting process, high volume channels with quality customers become critical when evaluating where to place circulation. We’ve responded by creating just such a program, with a market leader that has an ultra strong brand and very attractive customer demographics.”

About M2 Media Group, LLC
M2 Media Group is a leading magazine subscription agency specializing in online marketing channels. It provides circulation management services to publishers and value-added marketing programs to Internet-based businesses, including Expedia and About.com. M2 was founded by senior executives from Time, Inc.’s Synapse Group. Its founders have more than 20 years’ experience in magazine publishing and partnership development.

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